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AccelerEyes provides GPU coding services. Hire us to accelerate your code. We are experienced, capable, and motivated to help you achieve faster code. With our deep GPU expertise and extensive customer base, we are uniquely able to efficiently deliver fantastic results.

We guarantee success on all of our consulting projects, no matter how large. We have already helped thousands of organizations speedup their code. We have already accelerated all sorts of algorithms, data sets, and challenging problems in the past and are sure that we can tackle your code too. Our experience enables us to quickly understand your code, formulate a plan, and tackle it with world-class GPU code.

With our team of GPU computing experts on your side, you will be able to increase productivity while maximizing the return on your GPU hardware. We will deliver on schedule, providing you with continual updates along the way.

There are two ways to get started with our GPU consulting: 1) Purchase a $500 Starter Package1, 2) Schedule a free phone consultation with a GPU engineer to get a custom quote.

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Starter Package ($500)1

Hire us for 1-day. We set you up with one engineer dedicated for a full day, as well as support from senior and test engineers throughout the day. Here's how it works:

  • Initial phone call (click "Talk to Us" below to get started)
  • You send us your code or algorithm
  • We analyze your code for potential GPU benefit
  • We accelerate as much of the code as is possible within the 1-day effort, applying our extensive GPU software libraries to optimize your code for maximum efficiency and speed
  • We produce a final report, along with code

The final report outlines the best approach to follow for full GPU-acceleration of your code. The report includes detailed recommendations, providing a concrete path toward guaranteed speedups. In most cases, depending upon the complexity of your code, we will also accelerate your code within the 1-day of work.

By purchasing this Starter Package, you are guaranteed to save yourself time, headache, and avoid bad design decisions. One day with our GPU experts will immensely benefit the trajectory of your development efforts.

1 Limit one (1) per customer.


Coding Work (Custom)

Hire us immediately to accelerate your code.

Why Choose Us?

  • Deep experience, already servicing thousands of customers
  • Quality work, with leading GPU software
  • Efficient delivery, with AccelerEyes extensive code base we can deliver results fast
  • Proven, we make customers happy through faster code

Our Strengths

  • Excellence in GPU code
  • Well-written, efficient C, C++, Fortran, Java, or .NET
  • Application porting and integration
  • Tuning software to peak hardware performance
  • Scalability of algorithms to handle enterprise-level programs

Schedule a free phone consultation with a GPU engineer to get a custom quote, by clicking "Talk to us" below.

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