Partner Program

The Partner Program is designed to promote the development and sale of products and services to maximize the productivity of scientists, analysts, and engineers working on technical computing problems that can leverage GPU technology. As our Partner, you benefit from a tight working relationship with AccelerEyes staff and our other partners, while your customers benefit from the integration of your products and solutions with ArrayFire.

AccelerEyes Partner Program chart

AccelerEyes resources dedicated to our partner program fall into two broad categories:

  • Technical:
    Distribution and Integration partners have access to development and evaluation licenses to accomplish business objectives. Porting and optimization support resources are available to maximize value to customers and revenue to both parties. Engineering resources are made available to ensure ArrayFire meets and exceeds partner and customer goals. On-going support resources are available to support integration partners in delivering solutions to the market and to customers of distribution partners as contracted by those customers.

  • Go-to-Market:
    All AccelerEyes partners have access to a broad array of Go-to-Market resources, including but not limited to: go-to-market campaigns, sales and marketing training, collateral, press, trade show participation, lead generation, partner portal access, partner relationship Management system access, joint selling, and more. In addition to technical and go-to-market resources, AccelerEyes provides competitive margins to our distribution and integration partners based on market reach, vertical focus, volume of ArrayFire product distributed on an annual basis, and overall commitment to AccelerEyes and the company's product.

The AccelerEyes Partner program is built upon the belief that the purpose of a viable partnership includes a market opportunity, a joint product or service which matches that opportunity, and a strategy to market, sell, and support the joint offering. Therefore, AccelerEyes includes programs and activities centered around technical and go-to-market resources that allow the partnership to work hand in hand to develop the solution and properly communicate the solution value into the market while providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.