OEM Partners

OEM Partners represent AccelerEyes and ArrayFire on a global basis. Our OEM partners package and bundle ArrayFire with state of the art hardware systems that consist of single GPU systems to large scale GPU clusters.

Colfax - Buy it from a trusted expert. Colfax provides the most comprehensive range of innovative, cutting-edge and highly customized GPU solutions. Colfax has been first-to-market with a 4GPU PSC and the revolutionary CXT8000 - the world's first 8GPU server. Leading universities, labs and companies are accelerating their research and business outcomes with optimally configured, ready-to-go Colfax GPU solutions.
Microway - an NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Provider. Different GPU applications require specific hardware configurations. Microway supports them all. Widely credited with introducing numeric coprocessors to the general market, Microway became the primary source and recognized industry leader for numeric coprocessors and supporting software. Today Microway's reputation is based on excellence in designing and manufacturing high density Linux and UNIX workstations and clusters.
Silicon Mechanics, Inc. - can integrate Tesla GPU technology as needed to address your HPC requirements; the company offers the Nvidia® Tesla&trade C2050 cGPU, the NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPGPU, the NVIDIA Tesla S1070 GPU Computing System (1.296 GHz), and the NVIDIA Tesla S1070 GPU Computing System (1.44 GHz).
Exxact Corporation - Founded in 1992, Exxact Corporation is a manufacturer of high performance workstations, servers and clusters for visualization, compute-intensive and other specialized applications such as space exploration, medical imaging, financial modeling, film production, broadcasting and industrial design. Exxact is also a value-added distributor of graphics cards, motherboards and peripherals for professional workstations.


Xenon - an NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Provider. XENON provides seamless end-to-end solutions that integrate hardware, software, consulting, and support services for customers with high performance computing (HPC) requirements. XENON's customised HPC solutions enable organisations to process, transfer and manage huge data sets using the latest industry technologies. Scientific research, education, defence, manufacturing & film are some of the demanding industries where XENON's HPC solutions have been successfully implemented. XENON's core advantage lies in its innovative approach to providing cutting edge solutions to complex problems and that all its resources, including pre and post sales are based in Australia.


GPUSolution Technologies - is focused on providing GPU-based solutions in China. The company offers GPU hardware systems, GPU software, GPU technical training, GPU optimization, GPU system integration and related technical support.


Connoiseur - an NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Provider. Connoiseur Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's leading computer manufacturing company and is ISO 9001:2000 (TUV) certified. We design, build and customize products and offer services to satisfy a range of customer requirements, from desktops, workstations and entry level servers to high end mission critical servers and we also provide premier services to leading global corporations.

South Korea

Miruware - an NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Provider providing HPC solutions in South Korea.