Reseller Partners

Reseller (VAR) partners represent AccelerEyes and ArrayFire on a geographical and/or vertical market basis. Our VARs are the heart of the AccelerEyes distribution strategy and have the ability to bundle ArrayFire with a wide variety of complimentary hardware, software, and service offerings to meet our customer needs.


SMB Logo - Germany SMB GmbH - is a european reseller for high-performance computing compilers and tools. SMB provides ArrayFire to customers in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. SMB is offering a portfolio of GPU Computing tools and services to government, education, scientific research and manufacturing customers to develop their own GPU Solutions on different platforms. SMB provides customers with workshops, local language support and training.
SciWorks Technologies - France SciWorks Technologies - is a high technology company that is primarily aimed at users and developers of scientific computing solutions. SciWorks provides ArrayFire to customers in France. SciWorks relies on collaboration between its people and scientists who are in need of technology, consultancy, training, development and research. SciWorks offers expertise in various fields of applied mathematics and system control and signal processing, among others.
Sprinx Logo - Czech Republic Sprinx - an NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Provider in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Sprinx's HPC mission is to provide solutions that enable customers and partners to receive the greatest value from their IT investments by leveraging HPC (high performance computing) technologies. We provide high quality professional services in two areas: Software Services and System Services. These services can be provided onsite at the customer's location or at Sprinx's HPC.


Xenon Logo - Austrailia Xenon - an NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Provider in Australia. XENON provides seamless end-to-end solutions that integrate hardware, software, consulting, and support services for customers with high performance computing (HPC) requirements. XENON's customised HPC solutions enable organisations to process, transfer and manage huge data sets using the latest industry technologies.


Hirain Logo - China HiRain Technologies - HiRain Technologies, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Beijing with offices in Hongkong, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changchun and Wuhan, is a high-tech service company. Offering system-level solutions that span software, hardware, engineering services and systems, HiRain has earned a reputation for serving customers across diverse industry segments including aero/defense, automotive, telecommunications, electronics, education, research, etc. Hirain's depth of product solutions including MATLAB from The Mathworks makes them a solid partner for AccelerEyes in China.
NetOp Computing Logo - China NetOp Computing - is a high-performance computing and visualization industry experts, focusing on government, education and scientific research and manufacturing customers with innovative high-performance computing and visualization solutions and professional consultation services in China.


Concurrent Logo - Japan Concurrent Systems - has been providing the best HPC solutions in Japan since 1987.
HPC Tech Logo - Japan HPC Tech - We have been forcusing on HPC (High Performance Computing) and advanced IT technology which support for the new technology and new service.


Global Computing Logo - Mexico Global Computing - founded in 1998 to support academic institutions and research centers in Mexico to quickly and efficiently develop technical applications for engineering and scientific disciplines. Global Computing helps its clients to increase productivity, reduce costs and accelerate efforts in development.


NetWeb India Logo Netweb offers solutions based on NVIDIA® Tesla C1060 and S1070. These solutions enable every computational researcher and technical professional to have a dedicated computing resource. Netweb Technologies offers the latest technology solutions to increase the return on investments.

Connoiseur logo - India Connoiseur - an NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Provider. Connoiseur Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's leading computer manufacturing company and is ISO 9001:2000 (TUV) certified. We design, build and customize products and offer services to satisfy a range of customer requirements, from desktops, workstations and entry level servers to high end mission critical servers and we also provide premier services to leading global corporations.

Singapore & Malaysia - ASEAN

Taknet Logo - Singapore Taknet - provides solutions in the ASEAN region to meet and exceed a wide variety of needs. GPU Computing solutions from Taknet include the option of the ArrayFire. The latest NVIDIA GPUs are integrated with these solutions.

South Korea

Miruware Logo - Korea Miruware - an NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Provider providing HPC solutions in South Korea.


SoftKey Logo - Russia Softkey JSC - SoftKey is the leading Internet software-distributing company in Russia. Its catalogue includes over 12 thousands software positions. SoftKey offers its customers wide assortment; diversity of payment methods; prompt (frequently, immediate) order processing; process of order execution tracing in personal section; various discounts from the store and the software manufacturers. The company has its offices in 10 countries, among them the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Israel, Poland, the Baltic countries, Moldova.