April 5, 2010

AccelerEyes launches easier, faster, and less expensive Jacket software for GPU Computing

Enhanced Double Precision functionality and preparing for Fermi

Atlanta, GA., April 5, 2010 - AccelerEyes today announced a new version of its Jacket&trade GPU computing software that integrates double precision linear algebra, is easier to setup, performs faster, and is less expensive. This new Jacket version 1.3 has been designed and developed with tremendous participation of AccelerEyes' customers and prospective customers who shaped the product feature set to meet their needs and requirements.

AccelerEyes develops Jacket, a software platform that delivers GPU computing power to desktop users of MATLAB® and other very high level languages. It enables faster prototyping and problem solving across a range of government, manufacturing, energy, media, biomedical, financial, and scientific research applications. The new Jacket 1.3 integrates the ability for Jacket users to perform double precision linear algebra functionality on NVIDIA Tesla, NVIDIA Quadro and just in time for new NVIDIA hardware based on the FERMI architecture. To obtain this LAPACK functionality for GPUs, Jacket 1.3 users will need to license the Jacket DLA add-on for a couple of hundred US dollars.

AccelerEyes has partnered with EM Photonics to extend the Jacket product family to support double precision linear algebra by integrating CULA tools to the platform. Jacket 1.3, together with Jacket DLA, offers double precision linear algebra functionality for inv, svd, eig, lu, chol, mpower, norm, and mldivide. "Our ability to integrate CULA tools into the Jacket product family not only allows AccelerEyes to broaden the functionality we can deliver to our customers but demonstrates the extensibility of Jacket to incorporate a broad set of functions and libraries for many types of applications", said John Melonakos, CEO of AccelerEyes.

Jacket 1.3 also provides new and expanded functional capabilities for conv2, sort, sortrows, eps, nnz, sind, cosd, tand, nextpow2, nthroot, and interp2. Support for Jacket's "gfor" function has also been expanded or added in 1.3 for kron, cross, permute, repmat, circshift, cat, and filter.

In addition, Jacket 1.3 makes it easier for users to install, setup, and configure Jacket on both Windows and Linux platforms. The CUDA toolkit is now prepackaged with Jacket. Jacket automatically ensures prerequisite software is installed and provides automated license activation for Windows systems. This release supports MATLAB 2010A as well as previous versions of MATLAB back to R2006B. Together, these improvements enable researchers to get right to work on science, engineering, and analytics versus spending time in system configuration steps.

Finally, AccelerEyes is also making Jacket much more accessible for MATLAB users interested in tapping into GPUs. With the 1.3 release, AccelerEyes has reduced the price of the Jacket base license by nearly 50%. Commercial and industrial users can now license Jacket for under $1,000US, government and research organization for $800US, and academic institutions can license the base Jacket software for $350US.

Jacket automatically connects MATLAB code to GPUs through its compile-on-the-fly system, users are able to accelerate their applications across CUDA-capable GPUs in realtime. Jacket eliminates the need to re-program MATLAB in C, C++, and CUDA to run on GPU-based workstations and clusters - a productivity step that can take months to years to complete for computationally intensive problems.

For example, at the New York University Stern Center for Research Computing (SCRC), a center devoted to providing world class computational facilities and services to researchers at the Stern School of Business at NYU, is taking advantage of Jacket 1.3 performance and functionality improvements to accelerate applications of interest to the research community in finance, according to Norman White, Faculty Director at SCRC. "Initial results are very promising in Jacket 1.3, with an 8-10 times performance increase for code that does very large multiple regressions," he said. "Jacket allows our researchers to tap into our Centers computing resources using the MATLAB language, which they are already familiar with, minimizing the amount of time it takes to determine the value that GPUs can deliver for any given problem".

Pricing and availability
Jacket 1.3 is available immediately at $999US, $800US, and $350US for commercial, government/research, and academic customers, respectively.

About AccelerEyes
AccelerEyes launched in 2007 to commercialize Jacket, the first software platform to deliver productivity in GPU computing. With advanced language processing and runtime technology to transform CPU applications to high performance GPU codes, Jacket extends from desktop workstation performance to also fully leverage GPU clusters. Based in Atlanta, GA., the privately held company markets Jacket for a range of defense, intelligence, biomedical, financial, research, and academic applications. Additional information is available at

For further information:
John Melonakos
75 5th Street NW, Suite 204, Atlanta, GA 30308
+1 (800) 570-1941

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