March 3, 2010

Microway & AccelerEyes ship GPU bundle for Nvidia Tesla and MATLAB

Atlanta, GA., March 3, 2010 - Microway is now delivering to its WhisperStation customers an easy-to-use tool for rapidly solving scientific and engineering problems. A new WhisperStation bundle integrates AccelerEyes' Jacket GPU computing software platform with the purchase of a WhisperStation. Microway clusters with Jacket HPC cluster licenses are also available.

AccelerEyes Jacket is a software platform that delivers GPU computing power to desktop users of MATLAB®. It enables faster prototyping and problem solving across a range of MATLAB applications in government, manufacturing, energy, media, biomedical, financial, and scientific research. Jacket empowers users to leverage state of the art GPU computing capabilities available in Microway's entire family of systems.

Customers that purchase the WhisperStation-PSC plus Jacket bundle receive all the necessary Microway hardware and a designated computer license of Jacket to develop, test, and deploy their MATLAB applications on two GPUs. The bundle features NVIDIA Tesla and GTX GPUs, a fast Intel Core i7 CPU, 12 GB memory, a large 1 TB disk drive, and Microway's expert integration and technical support. Full Jacket GPU support is delivered with both Linux and Windows OS, and the package is offered with extremely competitive pricing at $4,500.

Full specifications are offered at: WhisperStation plus Jacket bundle

"The WhisperStation-PSC plus Jacket promotion will show HPC experts that they don't have to give up familiar tools to solve complex computation problems," said Stephen Fried, CTO of Microway. "They can tap the power and scalability of the Microway WhisperStation-PSC without having to become GPU computing experts. The enormous productivity gains offered by Jacket and WhisperStation-PSC will show them exactly where the future of GPU computing is headed."

"Microway WhisperStation-PSC systems are among the most prevalent GPU computing workstations we have heard about from our customers," said David Gibson, AccelerEyes' vice president of sales. "Microway is leading the industry in rapid application development of GPU systems. Jacket will help extend that lead to a wider base of engineers and scientists."

This offer is subject to change without notice and is valid while supplies last. Certain restrictions may apply.

About Microway, Inc.
Incorporated in 1982, Microway is a major vendor in the High Performance Computing market, designing state-of-the-art, high-end Linux clusters, servers, and data storage solutions. Users worldwide pushing the limits of technology choose Microway for solutions. These include universities, life sciences, financial, military, Fortune 500s and research agencies. Microway is an Intel Channel Premier Partner and Tesla Preferred Provider. Classified as a small business, woman owned and operated, Microway's GSA Contract Number is GS-35F-0431N. Trademarks include FasTree, GigaCube, InfiniScope, MCMS, MPI Link-Checker, Navion, NumberSmasher, NodeWatch, OctoPuter, Quadputer and WhisperStation. For more information and a subscription to Microway's online technical newsletter, please visit

About AccelerEyes
AccelerEyes launched in 2007 to commercialize Jacket, the first software platform to deliver productivity in GPU computing. With advanced language processing and runtime technology to transform CPU applications to high performance GPU codes, Jacket extends from desktop workstation performance to also fully leverage GPU clusters. Based in Atlanta, GA., the privately held company markets Jacket for a range of defense, intelligence, biomedical, financial, research, and academic applications. Additional information is available at

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