The C++ interface for minfilt. More...

array minfilt (const array &image, const unsigned height=3, const unsigned width=3)
 Minimum filtering within window (default 3x3) More...

Detailed Description

The C++ interface for minfilt.

Apply a min filter of a given size to an image. A min filter is similar to the arbitrary filter except that instead of a weighted sum, the minimum value of the pixels covered by the kernel is returned.

Function Documentation

array af::minfilt ( const array &  image,
const unsigned  height = 3,
const unsigned  width = 3 

Minimum filtering within window (default 3x3)

// min filter an image with a 5x5 kernel
array img_out = minfilt(img_in, 5, 5);
// min filter an image with the default 3x3 kernel
array img_out = minfilt(img_in);
[in]heightof window (default 3)
[in]widthof window (default 3)
GFOR Support
No support for images smaller then 2x2.
CUDA Support