The C interface for meanshift. More...

afError af_meanshift_S (float *d_out, const float *d_in, unsigned mI, unsigned nI, const float space, const float color, const int iter, int channels)
 Meanshift filtering. More...

Detailed Description

The C interface for meanshift.

A meanshift filter is an edge-preserving smoothing filter commonly used in object tracking and image segmentation.

This filter replaces each pixel in the image with the mean of the values within a given given color and spatial radius. The meanshift filter is an iterative algorithm that continues until a maxium number of iterations is met or until the value of the means no longer changes.

Function Documentation

afError af_meanshift_S ( float *  d_out,
const float *  d_in,
unsigned  mI,
unsigned  nI,
const float  space,
const float  color,
const int  iter,
int  channels 

Meanshift filtering.

[out]d_outimage output
[in]d_inimage input
[in]mINumber of rows in input image
[in]nINumber of columns in input image
[in]spaceradius in pixels, area for filtering
[in]colordifference in color allowed, range depends on values in image
[in]itermaximum number of iterations for convergence (default 5, max 100)
[in]channelscolor channels, must be 1 (grayscale) or 3 (color)Meanshift image filter