Element-wise arithmetic


 Perform a element-wise sin.
 Performs an element-wise sinh.
 Performs an element-wise asin. array_func_asin
 Performs an element-wise asinh.
 Perform a element-wise cos.
 Performs an element-wise cosh.
 Performs an element-wise acos.
 Performs an element-wise acosh.
 Perform a element-wise tan.
 Performs an element-wise tanh.
 Performs an element-wise atan.
 Performs an element-wise atanh.
 Checks if values are finite.
 Checks if values are infinity.
 Checks if values are not a number.
 Returns one(1) if positive negative one(-1) if negative.
 Computes the sqare root of the elements.
 Computes the n-th root of the elements.
 Raises each element to a power of two(2)
 Rounds each value up to the next integer.
 Rounds each value down to the next integer.
 Rounds to the nearest integer (towards zero).
 Compute factorial.
 Computes logarithm of the elements.
 Compute logarithm to the base two(2).
 Compute logarithm to the base ten(10).
 Compute log(1+x) accurately for small values.
 Computes the exponential for each element.
 Computes the exponential minus one(1) accurately for small values.
 Computes the gamma function.
 Computes the logarithm of a gamma function.
 Computes the epsilon.
 Computes the Gaussian error function.
 Computes the complex Gaussian error function.
 Computes the inverse Gaussian error function.
 Computes the inverse complex Gaussian error function.
 Computes the absolute value.
 Computes the phase angle in radians.
 Computes the complex conjugate.
 Extracts the real values.
 Extracts the imaginary values.
 Convert a real array into a complex array.
 Computes the arc tangent of two variables.
 Computes the Euclidean distance function.
 Computes the remainder.
 Computes the mod.

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