ArrayFire Pro

ArrayFire Pro adds many advanced features on top of those available in the free version.

Offline Mode

ArrayFire Pro does not require an internet connection to the AccelerEyes license server (see Licensing).

Advanced linear algebra

ArrayFire Free includes only real-valued, single-precion (f32) support for many basic operations and limited support for: norm, cholesky, lu, svd, qr, solve, det, hessenberg, rank, matpow...

ArrayFire Pro adds complete support for all forms of these functions, and adds support for additional functions: eigen, inverse.

We include a linear algebra example to showcase many of these features.

If you're doing anything numerically sensitive, you'll likely want to upgrade to Pro.

Double Precision

ArrayFire Pro adds complete support for double-precision (f64) and complex-values (c32, c64) for all Linear Algebra functions


ArrayFire Pro makes it easy to leverage multiple devices in your code. This example shows how to create and launch the fft algorithm across multiple devices:

info(); // print available devices
int ngpu = devicecount();
for (int i = 0; i < ngpu; ++i) {
deviceset(i); // switch to device
array x = randu(2048,2048);
array y = fft(x);

More core functions are found on the Device management page.

Included with the ArrayFire installation is a Multi-GPU matrix-multiply example to demonstrate these features.

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